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All For Her Car Insurance Cover

Car insurance cover for women that offers the peace of mind you need when travelling the roads alone. 

We’ve packaged LNIG Hollard’s car cover for women as an “emergency toolkit” that all women can take with them on the road. It enables you to stay safe and supported, regardless of where the road may take you. Not only does it protect you against unforeseen events, but it also offers a holistic lifestyle support solution. 

What does All For Her Car Insurance cover?

We’ve thought of every way that women might be vulnerable when travelling, and we’ve created a solution that speaks to that. This enables your car to be more than a vehicle, but a place of refuge, safety, and security too. 

  • Cover your car for accidents, fire, theft, windscreen, glass repairs and other insured events, as well as claims from third parties.
  • Cover your car for hail damage, criminal acts, and natural causes. 
  • Take advantage of concierge services that provide holistic lifestyle support. 

For complete assurance, our car cover for women policy also covers the insured person (you) for third-party liability.  

Car cover flagship features

Comprehensive Cover

You are covered for accidental loss or damage to your vehicle from any accidental cause, medical expenses, as well as any resulting liability to third parties.

Third-Party Fire and Theft

Our car insurance policy for women protects you from claims made against you as a result of a vehicle accident. The policy also provides motor cover against damage to your car, or loss of your vehicle, due to it being stolen or set on fire. 

Third-Party Insurance

A slightly more limited car insurance policy, but necessary coverage all the same. Third-party insurance provides motor insurance cover only for damage or injury caused to a third party. 

Free Roadside Assist 

With Hollard’s All For Her Car Insurance, you will get free roadside assistance that covers a number of must-have services: 

  • Emergency medical assistance (ambulance services) that includes medical response, stabilisation, and medical transportation. 
  • Towing service for mechanical breakdowns and accidents. 
  • Roadside assistance is offered for roadside mishaps such as a flat tyre, fuel delivery, car lockout, car hire, and trip interruptions beyond 100 km from home. 

Concierge Services or Additional Benefits

To make this women’s car cover product a holistic lifestyle support solution, we have added the following concierge services that will be offered through Tracker Lesotho. 

Theft Retrievel

A team locates and retrieves customers' vehicles when they have been stolen, returning it via local law enforcement authorities

Roadside & Medical Assistance

Facilitation to call roadside and ambulance service providers to attend to roadside emergencies

Vehicle Location Request

Call in service to our 24-hour monitoring call centre to request for the location of the customer's vehicle 

Mobile App Access

Can be downloaded for free from iStore and/or PlayStore

Impact Detection

A notification which alerts our call centre agents of a possible accident. Once an accident is confirmed by the client, our agents can disperse roadside and medical assistance service as well as the police to the scene. 

Accident Report

A comprehensive second-by-second report (7 seconds before impact and 7 seconds after impact) detailing speed, direction, location and g-forces

Reports & Trip Logbook

Various reports which log kilometres travelled, trip information and exception reports

Car Guard

A mobile app safety feature which locks the GPS location of the customer vehicle while activated. Car guard will be triggers if the car moves or the ignition is turned on 

License and Disc Reminders

A mobile app feature to remind customers to renew their vehicle disks and driver's licence

Share Journey

A mobile app feature which allows customers to give temporary access to loved ones to monitor and track their vehicles on the mobile app 

Vehicle Location Tracking

Customers are able to track live vehicle locations accurate to within 5 metres

Battery Disconnect Notification

Our 24-hour monitoring call centre will call the customer when the vehicle battery gets disconnected

Border Notification

Our 24-hour monitoring call centre will call the customer when the vehicle is detected in a border area to confirm safety

Tow Notification

Our 24-hour monitoring call centre will call the customer when the vehicle is being pushed or being towed

Assist Button / Key Fob

The key fob is an early detection technology which sends out a distress signal should a vehicle move without the key fob being detected. The key fob also has a pressable assist button which is more convenient in case of an emergency. Once the key fob is pressed it will alert Tracker Lesotho who will in turn alert the relevant authorities for the required assistance. This feature will go a long way in mitigating the challenges relating to Gender Based Violence and Crimes against women all within a press of a button

Zone Management

Allows customers to create, edit and monitor safe zones and no-go zones

Secondary features

Medical Expenses Benefit

This benefit covers medical expenses for any injured occupants of “the insured vehicle” who were in the enclosed passenger carrying compartment of the vehicle at the time of the accident. The maximum cover per occupant is M1 000. The total aggregate medical costs of all occupants per event is M20 000. 

Glass and Accessories Cover 

The motor insurance policy also covers glass windows and other vehicle accessories (if specified when you accept the policy). 

Just a few things to note: 

  • Only private motor vehicles can be covered under All For Her Car Insurance.  
  • Driving is restricted to women drivers only.  
  • An additional premium will be charged to include any other licensed male driver.  
  • To qualify all cars should be fitted with our differential tracking device. This will give clients access to all concierge services specified above. 

Get your wheels in motion in a safe and supported manner with Hollard’s All For Her Car Insurance. Contact us below to get started. 

Contact Information  

For claim-related queries:

Call: +266 2221 3500

Email: insureclaims@lnighollard.co.ls

For queries or policy changes:

Call: +266 2221 3500

Email: insureuw@lnighollard.co.ls

Terms and Conditions:

Driving will be restricted to a Lady Driver(s) only. However, an additional premium will be charged where driving is extended to any fully licensed driver.

Our operating hours:

Mon - Fri: 08:15 – 16:30